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To have an effective service management requires time, effort and resources. Whether it comes to keeping track of incoming inquiries, support tasks, upgrades and replacements or simply fixed assets, the company achieves the optimal utilization of staff time by giving them the right tools to work with.

InnDevelop develop and implement simple solutions to help with this. Our products help to create the necessary overview and security for optimal support of end users. Our consultants help you get the most out of the products and ensure that you get a good start. Our support helps you further if there are any questions or you would like instructions on using a function.

InnDevelop Info Express gives you a comprehensive and easy IT support and help desk solution that efficiently makes your employees able to provide optimal support to your users while you get the complete picture of the company’s IT hardware and software through the foreseeable unit management. All the data in InfoExpress is exported easily via the built in report module. Read more about the many features of our helpdesk solution here, as both available as hosted and on-premises.


Efficiency of IT support can be done in many ways. But first and foremost it is important to have the right tools for this task. Info Express contains all the parts for the complete toolbox for those who want to implement an effective service desk, where you and your employees get the complete picture at a reasonable price.


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Do you document the license conditions in your business? It can be a large and time-consuming process you face if you do not have the right værktøj.AssetFocus helps you collect information about installed software on all company computers and the applications that are used or not. In addition gathers AssetFocus also has information on PC’s armament such as RAM, CPU, serial numbers and much more.


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A company’s assets, both in terms of physical units and such software is worth keeping track of, so they are used properly and always contributes best to deliver on bottom line. They do best if you know where they are and ensure that they work 100%.

With a comprehensive solution consisting of both InfoExpress and AssetFocus ensure you a complete overview that is easy to use and update.

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One thing may be to buy software to help in everyday life, another thing is to get it implemented correctly in the company. And although InnDevelops products can be used without any kind of adaptation or our consultants, it is sometimes nice to get a little help to get a good start. It may also be that you do not have the time and resources to, for example, to make counting or reports so we can of course also help. We are here for our clients, please contact us if there is anything we can do to make your everyday life easier.

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